About Us

Our story began in 1962. With a new Covina Public Library set for opening the following year, a group of folks with a love for both library and community joined together to help raise funds for the new building.

With that sense of purpose, the Friends of the Covina Public Library was born.

As the decades have gone by, the members of the Friends have changed. But that love of library and community remains strong in the 21st century.

Led by its Board of Directors, the Friends strive to generate funding for library programs and activities while participating in various functions. With events like our Book Sales every spring and autumn, our goal is to raise funds to enhance library programs which will benefit families.

It can be said that the Friends have several interests, and here are some of the top ones:

-Community Engagement



We consider ourselves stewards of not just the written word, but also stewards of education for our patrons. There is nothing quite like helping a fellow individual, and we love to do so whether it is through fundraising, giving a book recommendation, or just having a friendly conversation about literature or the library with one of our fellow citizens.

You will find us in local gatherings. You will find us at the Covina Public Library. And you will find us hard at work as we continue on with our passionate goal of fundraising, enhancing education and making memories for folks in our amazing community.

We are an ever-growing group, all connected by our love for the Covina Public Library and our wish to help and bring a positive impact to others.